Speech & Debate Contest

While PHOCOS and WRICOS are successfully implemented, these events make Silk-Road university students experience about Silk-Road and grow up with outputs related to Silk-Road. In addition to these 2 events, Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN) has decided to hold the debate competition for SUN’s students as an annual event. This debate contest could be named DECOS (Debate Contest of SUN).

DECOS aims to develop and demonstrate SUN’s students’ skills, as well as gain new competencies and improve their knowledge in aspects regarding multiculturalism, economic development, and, undoubtedly, the Silk-Road which its origins and relevance in the international horizon.

The DECOS procedure will be progressed in this way. First, each member universities will have a pre-competition to organize the team entering the international competition. Secondly, each selected team applies for DECOS (Application deadline will be announced soon.). Then participating students will be gathered at the University of Bucharest in Romania and the Main Event will be progressed. Finally, in the Main Event, the winner will be prized and the DECOS is finished. Detailed progress will be announced below contents.

S-DECOS 2020
The 2nd S-DECOS Contest 2020 of SUN [ The 1st Speech Contest of SUN]

Speech Contest 2020
The 1st Speech Contest of SUN (* Debate Contest of SUN (DECOS) has replaced due to COVID-19 situation)
Submission deadline February 14,2021
'Speaking Hopes' in the Era of COVID-19
Hosted by
Silk-Road Universities Network (SUN)
Organized by
SUN Secretariat


Apply for S-DECOS
Until February 14, 2021, 
Please fill out the information on the website and submit your video and the two scripts (In native language and English) to DECOS official email address(sunofficialdecos@gmail.com).
* Name
* E-mail

We will reply to your email if you need additional formation.

* Attachment
* Nationality
* University
* Major
* Personal Information Treatment Policy
  • Announcing the competition and the DECOS Rules:
  • Deadline for applications for participating in the Main Event submitted to the Executive Council:
  • Assessment of the applications by the Executive Council and the announcement of the results:


Plan for Debate Contest (DECOS) 


DECOS is a ‘Team Competition’ 1 team will be composed of 3 students and a total of 16 teams (48 students) will participate in the Main Event. Each university may submit an application for only one team. The 16 teams of three students would be divided into 4 groups of 4 teams. 6 games are going to be played in each group. That is, each team would compete with the other three teams in the group, in 3 sets of games.) Each set would have a motion that the first two would be announced motions selected by the Executive Council, and the third movement would be impromptu. DECOS will include debate competition and also cultural events.

  • Receiving the student guests at the airport.
  • Transportation to University’s hotel
  • The city tour
  • The city tour
  • Lunch at the University’s eating hall
  • Preparation for the competition
  • Traditional Romanian dinner
  • Official opening of the Main Event of DECOS
  • DECOS Main Event
  • Resuming competition: Second and final round
  • Award Ceremony
  • Closing dinner
  • The departure of the participants

History of S-DECOS

S-DECOS 2019

Jonghyuk Park
Juhyung Lee
Servin Kim
Yuliana Maria Reyes Trinidad

Hankuk University of foreign studies

The number of countries and cities 4 cities in 4 countries
The number of universities 4 universities
The number of participants 13